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The Trepassey Railway "tribute 1912 - 1932"

Personal thoughts about the Trepassy railway line


This whole exploration was based on the local
beleaf that a once proud railway line ran down
the southern shore of the Avalon Pennisula thru
the communities of the Southern shore.

This major undertakeing has taken more then 
6 months to advance thru-out the line,and we have 
finally reach'ed Trepassy,and the END OF THE LINE.
This old railway was only in operation for little
more then 20 years,and then quickly closed.
for all the hours of hard work and shear Manpower
 too build this line is truely Amazing,all the rock cuts,rocks manually blasted away and carried away in wheel barrows,useing little more then picks and shovels
and rivers of mens sweat and shear determination
too build this railway too Trepassy from the
capital city St.Johns.

There was talk about building
the railway too Trepassy as far back as 1880's
and also that one prime reason for this railway too be
built was too bring in materials and equipment too build
the many hydro Electric sub-stations dotted along the
coastline of southern shore too produce it's own electicity
too power the communites of the southern avalon.

From what i have witnessed first hand,is that the
building of this railway was not an easy task by
any stretch of the amagination,this railway ran
litterly straight across Bogs,Rivers,Ponds and the
heavly wooded areas of the southern shore.

The mens plight was not an easy one,from what i have
seen,it's truely breath taking too see such admiration
too build a railway thru too Trepassey,also in the
process by linking many other isolated communites.
This railway has many curves,from the slightest too
the some of the sharpest curves that a Train could
maneuver itself around,and in the same breath,also
has some of the longest straight areas of track that
i have ever seen in any one location,one of which is
near the the community of Fermeuse,where 3 straight
runs are located,these are about 1.5 km long each,i
could almost hear the the Steam locomotive rolling
the rails proudly up the track towards us.

There was a telegraph line that linked st.johns with
Trepassy,evidence shows that this is indeed so,we
have found particals of telegraph insulators that the
wires once were connected too,there are also many
other artifacts that can be found along the old rail-bed
if you keep an open mind,and your eyes too the track,
personally i have found more then 30-50 spikes and
about 40-60 bolts dotted along the railbed,buried
and hidden for more then 80 years.
This adventure has taken us more then 4 months too
reach Fermuse,and the road ahead too Trepassy
is yet to be explored,im not even sure if this railway
has been fully documented since it's closure more
than 70years ago.

Here's your chance too help,if you want too help out,
and want get involved and also do some exploring of the
railway too Trepassy,then by all means send
us an email at:

In any event,be assured,the southern shore
did in FACT have and own it's own railway line.
all 104 kilometers worth of it.

This is our history,and our past
never forget that