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The Trepassey Railway "tribute 1912 - 1932"

Trepassy branchline navagation page

This adventure is far from being over

Stay tuned,because we have been back to the Trepassy branchline ,documenting the railway with the help of a GPS unit,digital video camera,and hopefully put to rest as too  where the railway once traveled,
We well also be getting 
NEW photos of the railway,and explore new sections
that were not explored this past year.
Le Manche was our first stop,a extensive search of this area of the line was commenced on April,18,2009.

  Stay tuned,because this is going to be another historic event,one which has never been fully documented since it's closure more then 70years ago.

Sit back and relax folks...
this is one Branchline that wont get away...
The adventure well continue ASAP....

Wreck of the S.S. Florizel

Personal thoughts i have about the Trepassy railway line

Introduction to the Trepassy railway line.

My photo reconstruction's

Hand drawn pics and diagrams

- under construction -