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The Trepassey Railway "tribute 1912 - 1932"


In those days a job with the Newfoundland Railway was a feather in your cap.

"All aboard for Trepassey"
"Click photo and Take a trip down memory lane"


"Welcome too the Trepassey Railway"

one of my favorite pass times,is following the old and
now abandoned Newfoundland railway branch lines,
that dot the landscape of the island of Newfoundland. 
We spend the Summer of 2007 following
the old branch line which departed St.johns on
East coast,and followed the
southern shore of the Avalon Pennisula
towards the historic Community of Trepassey,this line
has been closed since 1932,and not until today did
we realize that the tracks were taken up in 1942
and not in 1932 as first thought,not much remains of
the old southern shore railway line but,what does
is truely breath takeing. With this website,i hope too
 give you the reader a trueful insight too Newfoundland's southern shore railway.
again welcome too my Newest website,
dedicated solely to Newfoundland's historic
Trepassey Branchline.

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